Professional Writing Services

Professional Writing Services
Page 88

Page 88’s professional writing services are here to help you ‘put your best word forward’.

The Page 88 mission is to contribute quality to content to digital and print media. I want to see businesses, organisations and individuals have success. I want you to be proud of the writing that represents you, your business and the story you have to share.

Words have always been my passion and now they are my career.

As you will discover, I am a ‘no frills’, straight shooting professional writer. I can flip from anthropological research, technical writing and website content to elves and steampunk gremlins before you can say…. ‘coffee?’.

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A Taste of Page 88’s
Professional Writing Services

– Copywriting to make customers drool.

– Ghostwriting to captivate audiences.

– Technical writing that sets the benchmark in quality.

That’s not all! Visit the Complete List of Professional Freelance Writing Services to find the one most suited to you.

Ghost Writing
Ghost Writing

Turn your thoughts, recordings and ideas into your own published work.
Your ideas + my words = your: ebook, book, brochure, article, or blog.

That is to say, I’ll write it and you’ll be credited for it.

Content and Copywriting
Content and Copywriting

Not only do you want quality content, but you also want SEO friendly content. I can do both!

Hire me for for unique blogs, informative websites, and engaging social media posts.

Article, Technical and Academic
Article, Technical and Academic

From feature articles to technical and academic writing, I can help. I can also do academic research and proofreading.

My work is plagiarism free and referenced.

More professional writing services including SEO copywriting can be found on the writing services page.

Finding a reliable and professional writer can be like trying to find banana prawns at 3pm on Christmas eve in Australia.
– Jade, Page 88 Founder

Who is Behind Page 88?

Anthropologist – Researcher – Writer – Storyteller

photo of Jade who runs Page 88


I am an Anthropology graduate with a knack for words, a pinch of creativity, a dash of curiosity and plenty of work and life experience. When it comes to work, I’m professional but pleasant and always aim to over-deliver. In a word (or two), I’m a killer copywriter and I’m always up for proving it.

Page 88 Professional Writing Services Reviews

The Proof is in the Pudding

Do you want to know that I’m as good as I say I am? As soon as all testimonials can be migrated here, have a look at my reviews on the Freelancer website.

(for just a taste of the pudding).

200,000 Word Manuscript
200,000 Word Teen Fiction Manuscript

This beautiful story needed a substantial edit. The first editor had let down the author greatly. In this case, I was happy to go into the red to see this brilliant book repaired.

This book underwent partial re-writes and was edited to British English standards, with no typos or grammatical errors.

15 Pet Article Re-Writes
15 Online Pet Article Re-Writes

I received 15 articles that had been plagiarised and had incoherent sentences. Additionally, the articles hadn’t been researched or referenced.

I worked tirelessly re-writing the articles to make them unique, interesting and informative for the target audience.

Peerspace Hollywood Rental
Peerspace Hollywood Rental

The Hollywood Hills Peerspace market is extremely competitive. There are many beautiful homes and rooms available for hire across Hollywood.

The listing showcased the gorgeous property, its features, as well as the extra mile the owners go for their clients.

As Aerosmith Would Say…

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

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