From Public Servant to Freelance Writing Business

How I went from public servant to building a freelance writing business using my professional writing and editing know-how.

Everyone has a story, a journey and a field of experience unique to them.

When a career is worked towards and progression is made, you may feel like you are set. Nothing will stop the wave of success with all of the hard work you’ve put in. However, sometimes life throws a curve ball. Hindsight has allowed me to see that professional writing and editing is what I love most, but it didn’t come easy! Join me on my writing journey.

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Do you remember the girl at school who returned her library books quicker than a lightning fast superhero? That was me.

The Path to Professional Writing and Editing

My university assignment drafts were submitted early (which was optional). As a child, I’d ask my parents to set me essay topics. Writing has been my hobby since I can remember.

A masters of writing is underway and more travel. What better way to gather content for writing than to travel!

Since then…

Life happened. Travel, relationships, a growing family, lots of pets, ups and downs, ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) – that’s been journey!

After my Bachelors degree (Anthropology, Indigenous Studies and International Relations), I decided it was time to switch up the study desk for the youth justice desk.

I welcomed restorative justice, policy writing, reports, and data compilation! I was in my happy place delivering positive outcomes, cracker reports and made some great friends.

But then, something turned my world upside down and gave me a push towards becoming a professional writer and editor (oh, and an amateur graphic designer).

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and a Freelance Writing Business

In 2017, after months of struggling to shower myself, make a cup of tea and pick up groceries, I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. I still can’t pronounce that! Full-time work was out of the question. In fact, any work was out of the question.

For my own sanity and knowing that I’d need to re-structure my life and career, work hours and work location, I dipped my toes into the sweet waters of freelance professional writing and editing. Ever so slowly, I kept writing. It motivated me and helped me push myself to continually assess if the treatments and methods I was using to recover were actually helping. I now write every day. Some days I write from the bed. Other days, from my desk, out the back with the chickens or at a local cafe.

The positive feedback I continue to receive from clients, and the awesome repeat customers have blown me away.

I’ve left my career in youth justice behind to take the leap into running my own show.

Page 88 Professional Writing and Editing

What’s in a Name?

Page 88 is a combination of

  • ‘Page 1’ <- the page everyone wants to be on and;
  • My birth year.

Page 88 Promises

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I weave imagination, flare and pizzazz.

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