Freelance Article Writing Services

Freelance Article Writing Services

Article Writing and Rewriting, Academic Writing and Research

Are you tired of scouring journals, books and the web for credible research sources? Need some references added to your article? Do you need your references formatted? I write, edit, proofread and format all kinds of articles.

Let’s work together. Fill out my quote form with your project or ideas and I’ll get straight back to you.

Lots of people find research and article writing exhausting. This is why I have added freelance article writing services to my offerings.

  • Article writing.
  • Article rewriting.
  • Academic writing.
  • Academic research.

Give me policies, data, standards, journals and articles any day! Also, I can export the Endnote library straight to you! Lets work together.

As a graduate anthropologist who has ample experience in research and writing, I am fully qualified to:

  • Write articles to be published digitally and in print.
  • Research and back up everything I write.
  • Provide you with correctly formatted references and bibliographies.
  • Re-write articles.
  • Proof-read and provide article feedback.
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Tick ‘Article Writing’ Off Your List

Hire me to re-write, write from scratch, research, edit, proofread or transcribe.

Rewriting Articles

If you have an article you want to publish on a second site but need it re-written to avoid duplication issues on Google, I can help. When an article is re-written well it:

  • Conveys the same message to the reader.
  • Makes sense to the reader.
  • Maintains correct English grammar and spelling.


The Top Issue with Article Rewrites

A common issue with article rewrites is they don’t make sense. It’s as if someone put all the words into a thesaurus and assumed readability would be maintained.

To rewrite articles effectively, writers must have:

  1. Experience, and either:
  2. A general understanding of the content or an ability to learn about the topic.

Re-writes also need to convey tone, which is something else artificial intelligence hasn’t got a grasp of.

Important Note:

I have previously been asked to re-write other people’s academic work for students to claim as their own for university assessments. I will not, under any circumstances, do this. University and college assessments are for students to complete. They must do this themselves to further their learning and skills. I will provide notes (feedback) and proof-read final copies of original student work only.

Businesses, not-for-profits, election campaigners, magazines, newspapers, churches and even local sporting teams at some point need an article written for them from scratch.

Article Writing From Scratch

Most often, people need articles written to help:

  • Improve Google ranking results.
  • Boost credibility and authority on a topic.
  • Build a relationship and trust with their current and future customers.

As a result, there is a lot that goes into every article to ensure it:

  • Reads well.
  • Contributes positively to SEO.
  • Is credible and accurate.
  • Engages readers.

Article Writing as a Ghostwriter

I do 99% of my article writing as a ghostwriter. This means I do research, writing, referencing, formatting and editing for my clients. Once it is ready to go, I send it over to them, make any amendments they need, and it is 100% theirs. They publish the article as if they had written it.

If the article goes viral or leads to an amazing book deal, all I hope for is a top-up to my coffee tab ?

How Can I Help You?

Academic Writing and Academic Research

I believe every piece of content stating a ‘fact’ should have some kind of research behind it. This is why even my copywriting and sales content has some sort of research or data backing it – Jade (Page 88)

What is Academic Research?

Academic research is research completed by academics which has been peer-reviewed. It is deemed credible and authoritative.

If you are doing academic research online, you need to analyse the author/s of the articles. Before referencing them check:

  • Their qualifications;
  • If they are associated with a university or college, and;
  • What experience they have.

Articles differ in tone, language, format, length and level of research.

Do You Want a Travel Article Hotter Than Bondi Beach?

  • Feature articles.
  • Informative articles.
  • Research articles.
  • Newspaper articles.
  • Magazine articles.
  • Review articles.
  • Opinion articles.
  • Blog articles

What Kind of Article Do You Need?