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Blog Article Writing and SEO Blogs for Improved Site Rankings

Everything you need to know about blog articles including, blogs vs articles, blog topics, SEO blogs and my blog article writing services.

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation <- More on SEO here.

Blogs vs Blog Articles. What is the Difference?

Blogs vary in type. For example, personal blogs are more akin to diaries or journals. You don’t have to publish them publicly if you don’t want to. If you’re inclined to write down your thoughts but can’t carry a notebook with you, personal blogging may be a solution.

  • Bibliographies list every piece of content you read elsewhere during the preparation of your article.

Blog articles are more formal and should include links to sources or references used. Any idea you have that was inspired by content elsewhere should be noted. There are various ways to do this. Given my background, I am used to creating reference lists and bibliographies.

  • Reference lists only include the content you used in the article via paraphrasing or direct quotes.
shape of an open book
  • Bibliographies aren’t necessary for blog articles but referencing of some kind is a must.

Blog Article Topics are Endless

Blog writing can convey different tones. For instance, some of your blogs may be fun, festive and carefree. Conversely, others may be informative and formal while some may be a combination.

As a ghostwriter, my unique skill is the ability to be able to slip into just about any topic and write about it. I research every topic I am given. This ensures content is interesting, accurate and relevant to readers.

On an architecture topic I was given, I consulted with a handful of architects from across Australia to gain insight into the topic and the industry.

Where do SEO Blogs Fit in?

SEO blogs are blog articles formatted to satisfy search engine optimisation requirements. In other words, SEO techniques can be applied to all blog content. To further clarify, SEO techniques should be used if the primary purpose of your blog is to:

Drive more traffic to your blog or website.

Increase your credibility or show your expertise on a topic.

Engage, build rapport or trust with your customers.

In short, satisfying SEO helps boost the blog’s ranking on Google and other search engines.

Quality content + good SEO techniques = better site rankings and website visitor satisfaction.

Updating Old Blog Posts for SEO (and Improved Site Ranking)

Google’s ‘ranking factors’ include how often blogs and websites get updated. Thus, having a regularly updated blog page on your business website is helpful to your site ranking well.

If you previously had a successful blog post (reach, clicks, etc.), that is the first one I’d update and re-publish. Why? Because it has already proven itself. So, work on getting it to perform even better this time around. Also, if you are running short of new blog ideas, this is a great strategy because most of the content is already done.

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On and Off Page SEO

SEO copywriting and content creation extend beyond websites. Yes, businesses need brilliant content on their websites. But, they also need relevant and SEO friendly blogs and social media content.