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How Do You Choose the Right Blog Post Writing Service?

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How Do You Choose the Right Blog Post Writing Service?

Is it Worth Paying for Online Blog Posts?

How do you choose the right blog post writing service? Or, do you do it yourself?

There are lots of companies, agencies, freelancers and automation services vying for the job of writing your online blog posts.

Firstly, are your online blog posts for personal or business publishing? If they’re personal, you may be the best person for the job! Let’s cover personal blog writing and then move onto business blogs.

Personal Blog Post Writing Service

Low confidence in your writing skills?

When you aren’t confident in your writing skills, try recording your blog post. Send it to a transcriptionist who also has blog writing in their skillset and get them to convert it into beautifully written content.

SEO, Editing and Proofreading Help

To ensure your blog is optimised for SEO and you to ensure punctuation and grammar are top-notch, you may only need to get someone to do an edit.

Online Blog Posting for Businesses

If your blogs are for business, there is an expectation that every piece of content you publish will be perfect. If I weren’t a writer, I’d be outsourcing my blogs. In fact, all my written content would be outsourced to a blog post writing service. There is a massive amount of technique put into every piece of content. Every single word on the page is chosen carefully and with intent.

Do you have one – three hours spare each week to write one blog post, 500 words in length?1-2

The best performing blogs are on average 2000 words in length3.

The time it takes to create content, edit, format and publish regularly are the biggest hurdles in content marketing for businesses. In fact, 51% of businesses have reported they do not have the time to give to creating regular quality content4.

Blogging is the most popular form of content marketing used4.

80% of people who read your blog post are new visitors to your website5.

The rise of content marketing6.

Finding the Right Blog Writer

Whether you choose an agency, freelancer or some other blog post writing service, they must be trustworthy, easy to contact and produce the content you expect – when you expect it. Furthermore, you don’t want to be paying exorbitant prices for blogs.

Trust Your Gut

Trust your instincts. If the price is too good to be true, you know it probably is. If you can’t talk to the person who will be writing your content, how are you supposed to work together? More on this below.

Do you Speak my Language?

Once you have a few potential writers in mind, have a chat with each of them. If you can’t talk directly to the writer (who will essentially be joining your marketing team), move on.

Does the writer already have knowledge or experience writing for your industry?

  • Are they able to get a handle on industry jargon and lingo?
  • Are they willing to research what your competitors are doing?

Why Is This Important?

I remember being asked to rewrite website content for a plumbing business. I like to think I’m pretty handy in the shed and around the house. Plus, I’ve spent plenty of time around my dad and brothers who are DIYers from way back. So, I thought I’d be able to pick up some of the lingo to deliver quality, authoritative content.

*Cue sigh of relief here* – I was right. The content was slick, on-point, informative, and it wasn’t obvious someone ‘outside’ the plumbing industry was writing the content.

The last thing you want is to pay someone to write your content only to find that they have no understanding of the work you do or the message you want to convey.

Check Their Writing Skills

When you are thinking of hiring a writer who predominantly ghostwrites (ghostwriting explained here), portfolios may be thin. If you can’t access a writer’s portfolio, ask for a sample. Could be 200 words – perhaps the first part of a blog. If a writer wants to work with you, they won’t hesitate to whip up a sample for you.

Does your writer have a website or profile you can view?

Why Is This Important?

The point here is to check their mastery of English. Does their writing flow? Are there typos? If you read their writing out loud, would you lose your breath because sentences are lengthy?

British vs American English

As much as I advocate for English speaking writers to diversify across British and American English, I do believe that sometimes it is better to hire a local. Locals already know and fully understand the local humour, and what style of writing tends to be received well.

In saying that, all professional writers should be able to adapt quickly. For example, I have written for clients in the United States without any worries. Experience plays a significant role in the quality of writing.

Re-Writing Content is the Most Popular Blog Post Writing Service. Why?

When it comes to blog post writing services, you may be surprised what one of my most popular work requests is. It’s rewriting blogs others have already been paid to write. The primary reason behind this is because the original copywriter didn’t have a handle on tone, spelling or punctuation.

Absolutely NO Duplicate Content

Copying content that already exists somewhere else is a terrible practice. Google penalises websites with duplicate content, and readers will not be impressed (rightly so).

Duplicate content is a deal-breaker.

If your writer doesn’t offer a plagiarism guarantee or proof that the content is original, check it out for yourself. I recommend Copyscape. Copyscape will scour the net for any duplicates – and give you a list of other websites with the same content (should they exist). I have a paid account with Copyscape and provide a screenshot of the results for all clients.

To conclude, don’t feel bad asking questions or asking for samples from your potential writers. Remember, they are essentially joining your marketing team – and you are paying them to do a job.

A Final Tip for Australian Businesses

For Aussie companies, employing a writer who knows the local slang and old sayings will bolster your content and make it enjoyable and engaging for your readers. Understanding the culture of the target audience is also essential when it comes to writing language.

Want some more tips or blog ideas? Have a look at my other blog posts. Over time, the archive of blogs will continue to grow.

I’d love to work with you, and I am always up for hearing your ideas. If you have feedback or information, you’d like me to publish next, feel free to send me a message via the contact page or email me directly – I’d love to hear from you.

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