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photo of laptop, green mug and pink flowers on wooden outdoor table with green plants in the background. Image supports message that you can contact Page 88 anytime, anywhere.Step Into My Office

Wifi? Power? Comfy chair?
If a location has all three of these and coffee as well, then Bob’s Your Uncle, that’s my office.

As an explorer at heart who can’t always jump on a jetplane, I take solace in finding niche cafes, pretty gardens and glorious views closer to home.
No matter where I am or what I’m doing, my laptop fits in my bag so I can work on the go no matter what is going on.

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Page 88’s Style of Working Means:

Low Costs

As a freelancer, I have minimal overheads – which means lower project costs.

Always Available

No matter what timezone you are in, I can connect with you. I don’t mind a late night or an early start.

Continual Growth

I write every day. Every day I fine-tune my skills while always expanding my skillset.

Quality Control

I am my boss. All of your communications are replied to by me and I do all the work.