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Copywriting Services & Content Creation

Copywriting Services and Content Creation for Businesses of all Sizes

infographic of types of business content. Brochures, leaflets, in-store storytelling, menus, off page SEO, on page SEO, blogs, articles, social media, catalogues, postcards, flyers, website content. These are all copywriting services.

How well is your business reaching your current and future customers?

“I need more visitors in-store and on my website.”

“How can I reduce the bounce rate on my website?”

Website Copywriting Services

What Does Your Website and Social Media Say About Your Business?

The best website copy:

  • Engages visitors.
  • Boosts conversions.
  • Builds trust with customers.

Creating the best website copy for your business or idea can be frustrating, but I can help. My secret power is wordsmithing.

I can put the right words together to improve your SEO and your content will make sense to humans.

I’ll see to it you receive hulk level love from your customers and clients.

What is SEO copywriting? Don’t worry, I cover all things ‘SEO copywriting’ here.

Do You Need Copywriting Services or Content Writing Services?

Fortunately, I can do both.

What is the difference between the two? I cover them in a short 1 minute read below.

Copywriting Services vs. Content Writing Services

Freelance Copywriter and Content Writer

As a freelance copywriter AND content writer, I am often asked – What is the difference?

Copywriting and content writing sound similar. They are both centred around writing quality text (content). However, they are more like cousins.

Copywriting: I see copywriting as the sharp-shooter, the cowboy ready to fire. Content writing, on the other hand, is more like a slow burn. Some websites you visit or mail you receive will have lots of ‘calls to action’. ‘If you buy now, you’ll get one free’ or ‘Only 5 left in stock’. That’s the cowboy, ready to shoot straight away.

Content writing: Content writing provides information. It gives something useful or interesting to readers and doesn’t directly ask them to buy anything. They work well together when there is a fair balance.

Here in Australia, we are not too keen on being pushed to buy things. How often do you take a wide birth of the salespeople at the shopping centres who are waving at you? If they were words, they’d be copywriting. American consumers, on the other hand, respond well to assertive copywriting. The amount of ‘push’ and hard-selling depends on the audience base.

Our business is printing catalogues and brochures. Can you prepare the content?

Yes! Absolutely. Whether you are sending out information on your business, promoting a new product or just wanting to let your customers know you are still around, I can prepare all of your written content.

Infographic of three people who need copywriting services. Person 1 "The content on my website needs refreshing". Person 2 "My Amazon product descriptions are bland". Person 3 "I need exciting Facebook and Google ads".