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Local SEO Copywriting

Local SEO Online Marketing

Local SEO helps to improve Google My Business Rankings and boosts your business on local Google search results. Local SEO is a must-have online marketing strategy for businesses wanting to reach their local community.

What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimisation (Local SEO) is a type of online marketing that optimises websites and other online platforms for improved local search results. Looking for other SEO strategies?

Snip of Google search with 'local business near me' in the search field.

3 Things I Can Do to Help Your Business Rank Well Using Local SEO Strategies

The first three things I will do to boost your business on Google are:

  1. Set up and maintain your Google My Business Listing.
  2. Complete directory listings (citations).
  3. On-page SEO (content you can see on the internet including your website, blog and social media).

Q: “How do I boost my business on Google?

A: Learning how the Google search engine works and implementing quality local SEO.

People are looking for local businesses online as their first port of call1.

Before leaving the house, most purchase decisions are already made1.

Regional cities such as Toowoomba, QLD as well as towns further west are increasing their online shopping2.


How Can I Help You Improve Google My Business Ranking?

I am going to boost your business on Google by applying everything I know about how the Google Search engine works.

As a copywriter with years of experience preparing copy for online marketing, I understand local SEO. Most notably, I know the impact healthy content and optimisation has on local SEO. 

Customers (and Google) need to know:

  • Where you are.
  • What you stand for (your values).
  • If the business has an eCommerce platform, online payments (to pay in advance).
  • What you offer.
  • When you open.
  • Where the business sources materials/ingredients from.
  • If you take pre-orders online.


Why Local SEO Matters

Local SEO is the Yellow Pages of the 1990s

Local SEO is how people now find local shops and services. It is the most important factor in location marketing and a key inclusion in online marketing strategies. Being ahead of the boom will allow you to soak up the market while your competitors are still catching on.

Pro tip: Optimise your website, google my business listing and other online media to satisfy Google first.   

Why optimise for Google and not other search engines?  Because Google holds 95% of the search engine market share in our region3.  Additionally, Google holds approximately 70% of the search advertising markets.

Optimise for Google search with my help.

When do Local Search Results Appear?

Local search results appear when you search for things that you would likely only want to find in your local area. Google and other search engines assume your intention.

For example, the following searches display local results:

  • ‘hairdresser open near me on the weekend’
  • ‘movies playing near me tonight’
  • best specialty cake decorator who delivers’
  • ‘electrician near me
  • same day printing’
Quote from Think With Google and cartoon of woman at a computer. Quote explains that 'near me' searches are now what we use to find certain things, in certain areas within a certain period of time. Quote is from Think with Google.

People are looking for the best local businesses who can help them today. The business which offers this service and shows up in search results gets the sale. If their service and online marketing strategy are on-point, they may even acquire a return customer1.