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SEO Copywriting and Content Writing

Search engine optimisation best practices should be followed for all online content. Without it, websites, blogs, vlogs (and more) fail to reach your target audience. Take the stress out of SEO copywriting and hire an expert – that’s me! 🙂

SEO best practices are easy to implement into content. The trickiest part of SEO is staying up-to-date with the latest practices and techniques.

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What is search engine optimisation copywriting?

SEO copywriting is specialty writing for online content. Most often, it is used on websites. However, SEO writing best practices should be applied to all online content (and even some printed content).

  • Websites.
  • Blogs and articles.
  • Social media platforms.

Learn about copywriting.

Why is SEO copy important?

Quality SEO Copywriting increases the value of your content to search engines and humans.

  1. First and foremost, high-value content leads to better search engine rankings.
  2. Second, it engages customers and makes their online experience smooth and user-friendly.
  3. Third, it boosts conversions and leads.

My 6 Favourite Parts of SEO Copywriting:

  1. Researching keywords.
  2. Analysing Google trends.
  3. Learning about the target audience.
  4. Delving deep into a topic.
  • 5. Finding an angle that will provide value to the reader.
  • 6. Seeing the final result (well-optimised copy that engages across platforms and devices).

The Marriage of SEO Copywriting and Search Engine Results Pages

Copywriting, SEO & SERPs go Hand-in-Hand


SERP: Search Engine Results Page/s

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

Copywriting: Targeted, informative, engaging and relevant writing.

Search engines continuously scan and log (crawl) every website on the internet. Besides being crawled and indexed, they are assessed. If your site is assessed as high quality, it will rank higher in organic search engine results than lower quality websites.

Quality Copywriting –> Improved SEO –> Better rankings on SERPs.

Want Some SEO Copywriting Tips?

SEO strategies change over time as search engines evolve how they communicate with and rank websites. As with all SEO strategies, SEO copywriting is ever-evolving. Without a doubt, doing it yourself can be a full-time job in itself.

  • Ensure your site is regularly updated with quality content (copy).
  • Regularly post engaging content on social media platforms.
  • Use SEO friendly language.
  • Include keywords and long-tail phrases in your content.
  • Include keyword synonyms in your sub-headings and content.

Optimise for Google Search Results First

As you can see, Google is by far the most used search engine in Australia.

Search engines want to provide the best possible results for every search query. However, they are reliant on data they crawl from websites. If your content isn’t in line with SEO, it may not be picked up by search engines.