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#2 Small Business Marketing Tip – Create a Blog

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#2 Small Business Marketing Tip – Create a Blog

Why is it Important for Your Business to Create a Blog?

The who, what, where, when, why and how – everything you need to know before you create a blog.

No matter how complex your marketing plan is, you’re going to need a blog.

#1 – Business website

#2 – Business blog

#3 – Social media account/s

Blogs are ingenious ways for businesses to:

  1. Share their brand personality.
  2. Show their expertise.
  3. Give something to their loyal customers at their convenience.




Who will Create Your Blog?

The people behind your blog will likely include:

  • You.
  • Website development professionals.
  • Content writers.

What is the Alternative to Creating a Blog?

There really isn’t an alternative. Blogs provide an unparalleled opportunity to be relatable and personable.

Aussies love being able to research and connect with Australian businesses from the comfort of their own homes. There isn’t any other marketing type that connects you to your customers in such an informative and positive way regularly. Rest assured, blogs aren’t full of sales plugs, nor are they pushy. No ‘double the whole offer’ here!

Where Should Your Blog be Located?

Your blog should be located on your website, not on an external site. I’ll explain the reason behind this below in ‘why’.

Snip of Page 88 website header menu

I created a blog page for my business and included it in the header menu, so it is accessible from any page on my website.

When Should You Create a Blog?

Today! Include a page for posting your blogs from the outset of your website design. One other tip that is important to add in here is – regularly updated content should be updated regularly. In other words, publish a blog once a week, once a fortnight or once a month.

No matter what your schedule is, stick to it. Google (and your followers, current and future customers) will pick up on your publishing pattern. They will begin to look forward to seeing your:

  • Insights.
  • Ideas.
  • Information.
  • Expertise.

Why Should You Create a Blog?

Firstly, I mentioned above that your business blog page should be located on your website rather than an external site. The reason for this is because your blog will be an avenue to drive traffic to your website. This works in a couple of ways.

1. Google rankings are influenced by how often your website is updated.

How often do you update your contact details or your business’ about page? Blog pages are updated far more regularly.

2. Website content influences search engine rankings (Google)

How will Google (and your future customers) know you are an expert if your website provides no proof? When your website thoroughly covers your area of expertise, the Google bots will deem your site to be an authority on the topic. Customers will also feel more confident in you.

Infographic which says 'top Google rankings plus increased website traffic equals opportunities for you to convert website visitors into paying customers.

As small business owners, we could all do with a few extra customers. So, take advantage of your webspace and create a blog.

Why You Should Create a Blog Snapshot

Future customers who don’t know about your business are looking for information that YOU can give. So, provide them with the knowledge and answers they want. This is inbound marketing at its best.

  • Attract future customers by giving them something for free – information and answers.
    • Then introduce them to your business.
    • You don’t need blogs about your business because your website covers this. What you need is traffic to your blog and thus your site.
    • You will rank higher in search rankings.
    • You are showing authority – that you are an expert in your industry.

How to Create a Blog

If you don’t have a web development team to call on, find one or take time out from work and do a website development and SEO course. Hahahaa! I jest! I know you don’t have time for that.

The reason I say hire a professional is because, during the development of your blog page, you will need to make sure the back-end (code) is as beautiful as the front-end (what visitors see).

Web people (I am not one of them) know code, and they understand what Google expects to be included and excluded from the code. Your web development people will take care of page load times, meta, CSS, JS and plenty of other words that are completely foreign to most of us mere mortals. All of these back-end elements will influence your website ranking as well so it’s best to make sure they are all perfect.

Two images side by side. One shows html code and the other shows the Page 88 home page. Images illustrate the difference between the back-end of a website and the front-end of a website.
If you’re looking for an Australian business who can help with this, send me a message, and I’ll connect you with some industry professionals.

You Have Created a Business Blog – Now What?

Once you have a business blog page created, you can go ahead with publishing business blogs.

Your website developer will be able to run you through what you need to click on in your dashboard to publish your blog. Before publishing, you’ll need to create fantastic blog content! No pressure!

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas:

  • Visit my blog page for ideas (over time, I will add more and more blogs to help you).
  • Search on the internet.
  • Look at what your competitors are writing about.
  • Send me a message so we can brainstorm together. I can also write your blog if you are running short on time.

TIP: Remember to promote your blog posts on your social media accounts and email newsletters! Let people know you are producing great (free) content for them.

I hope this blog has helped you with your blog! Writing is no small feat, and blog articles take time to perfect. Be patient with yourself, take on any feedback you can get and remember to keep writing. Your flow will develop, and you’ll be punching out awesome content in no time.

You can do this!

Infographic promoting visitors to sign up for Page 88 email updates.

Every week, I write a new blog to help you in some way with your writing and your online marketing. Stay tuned for more goodies on Page 88’s blog!

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