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English Transcription Online and Typing Services

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English Transcription Software vs. Human Transcribers

If you pay for English transcription, then you don’t want to have to re-edit because the artificial intelligence (AI) didn’t transcribe it accurately.

Human scribes are a valuable commodity because we (native English speakers) have a far superior understanding of English.

From the Scots to the Texans, we (human scribes) have a lifetime of immersion listening to all kinds of English.

Unlike AI’s, we also ‘get’ humour and sarcasm – and we know how to correctly communicate it in writing.

english transcription and typing services go hand in hand


<< These services go hand-in-hand because efficient English transcription relies on quality typing skills – and typing skills are essential for quality transcription.

My English transcription online services are about providing timely and accurately completed tasks. I am confident in English from around the world. However, like most people, I do struggle with what a Scotsman says after a few pints!

Who Uses English Transcription Services?

From here in Queensland Australia to entrepreneurs, universities, vloggers and attorneys around the world, I am here to help.

Linguistic Anthropology

If you haven’t seen my ‘about’ page, then you may not know that I am an anthropologist. Outside of writing, listening to people speak and travelling are what feed my soul. Curious about anthropology or linguistic anthropology? Get Googling 🙂 or send me a message.

Infographic with four reasons why video transcription is important

What is Audio and Video Transcription?

Any English recorded for screen or audio can be transcribed. For example, a commonly seen video transcription is captioning for movies.

Turn Your Videos into Blogs or Articles

Vloggers reach a larger audience (and rank better) if they publish a transcript of their vlog. So, if you’d like more views and subscribers, start posting written content with your video content.

Why is Video Transcription Important?

Search engines cannot crawl and index video. The first key to search engine optimisation is for the content to communicate with search engines. If you only publish a video, all search engines know about your video is what you put in the heading and description.

Video coupled with written content is the golden combination!

  1. The first thing to remember is that people watch your videos and read your online content. Not all people can hear. Those with hearing difficulties will be stoked to find videos that cater to their communication needs.
  2. Accurate English transcription means your video content is communicated exactly as you meant it. In short, transcription ensures your message isn’t lost.
  3. People appreciate when transcribed video and audio accompanies recorded content. Perhaps they are stuck in a library or outside where it is so loud they can’t hear. Transcriptions fill the gap so they don’t miss out.
  4. SEO! If your content is worth publishing (which it is) then it is worth making it accessible to everyone. Use SEO to reach everyone!

How Much Does It Cost to Transcribe Audio?

I created this table to give you an indication of what to expect to pay for transcribed audio.

TimelineClear AudioBackground NoisePoor Quality Audio
Express – less than 24 hours$2.50 per minute$3.00 per minute$3 – $4.50 per minute
1-3 days/24 – 72 hours$1.25 per minute$1.75 per minute$1.75 – $3.25 per minute
1 – 5 days/24 – 120 hours.50c per minute$1.00 per minute$1 – $2.50 per minute
* ‘per minute’ is ‘per minute of audio recorded’. Example: An estimate for 5 minutes of clear audio is .50c x 5min = $2.50
* Currency: Australian Dollar.
* Table provides an estimate of the pricing. I will quote as close to this as possible once I’ve assessed the audio source.

What You Get

98% Accuracy
98% Accuracy

I aim for a minimum of 98% accuracy.

On Time
On Time

Completed on time or get it for free.


Transcriptions are sent to you as a Word doc.

Copy typing services

Copy Typing Services – What’s on Offer?

  • Hand-written notes.
  • Lecture notes.
  • Manuscripts.
  • Conference proceeding notes.
  • Meeting minutes.
  • Interview notes.
  • PDFs (to Word).
  • Image files (to Word).
  • Other scanned documents (to Word).

What Can You Expect to Pay for Copy Typing Services?

This table should give you an idea of what the final cost will be.

TimelineClear TextDifficult to ReadAdvanced Editing/Formatting
Express – less than 24 hours$3.50 per page$4.00 per page$5.50 – $6 per page
1 – 3 days/24 to 72 hours$2.25 per page$2.75 per page$4.25 – $4.75 per page
1 – 5 days/24 – 120 hours$1.50 per page$2.00 per page$3.50 – $4 per page
* A page is generally about 350 words depending on layout.
* Currency: Australian Dollar.
* The bigger the document/project, the lower the per-page price will be.
* Table provides an estimate of the pricing. I will quote as close to this as possible once I’ve assessed the content.

Basic vs Advanced Editing/Formatting


I will write the text exactly as I see it. I will not convert British to American English (for example). Formatting will be straightforward i.e. bolding headlines but not changing the font size.


Format to look exactly like the original (where possible and within the limitations of Microsoft Word). Convert English spelling (i.e. British to American) as I type and of course, fix punctuation and grammar.

Can I help you with editing and proofreading?

All in all, get your English transcription and typing done accurately and on time.

So, go ahead, fill out my quote form or send me a message to chat about your project or tasks.