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“Editing and proofreading are the crucial final touches before publication.”

Editing and proofreading are my every day. If you’re not editing and proofreading daily, having a second set of eyes is invaluable.

Hire a Human Editor and Proofreader to Check Over Your Writing

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Editing and Proofreading Services

Academics and Students



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Start good editing practice early in your degree. As each piece is returned to you, look over the edits and learn as much as you can. Your writing, research and formatting will continuously improve. Essays.

  • Articles.
  • Reports.
  • Referencing.

Remember – your first (or even second and third drafts) don’t have to be perfect. Keep working at it, keep editing and make sure you get someone else to read through your work.

All businesses, no matter their size, produce an extraordinary amount of print and digital content. All of it should be edited and proofread thoroughly and professionally.

  • Weekly, monthly and annual reports.
  • Employee guides and training handbooks (hard copy and digital).
  • Recruitment material.
  • Print and digital media.
    • Brochures, pamphlets, booklets and catalogues.
    • Website content.
    • Blogs and articles.

Every novel, article and short story goes through multiple edits. Once it is time for a substantial edit, send your writing to me. I will go through it with a fine-tooth comb to ensure it is ready.

Before your writing goes to print, ensure it is the very best it can be.

Turnaround Times for Editing and Proofreading Services

As a writer, I understand that edits and final proofs are often literally the last thing to do before submission.

So, if you contact me with a short turnaround request, I am not going to charge you extra. I 100% understand!

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Do you have deadlines approaching? Flag the submission dates with me as early as you can. That way, I may be able to juggle my workload to be flexible close to your deadline date. I’ll do my best to help you with last-minute edits and proofs.

Screenshot of editing and proofreading with track changes in Microsoft Word

Editing and Proofreading with Track Changes

All documents are edited in Microsoft Word with track changes. If you aren’t familiar with track changes, that is absolutely fine as I can guide you.

Track changes have replaced the long-drawn-out process of printing, editing, then scanning or faxing the pages back.

  1. I open your document.
  2. Edit with track changes.
  3. Send straight back to you via email.

No wasted paper and everything runs much smoother.

Why Do We Miss Typos While Editing and Proofreading of Our Own Work?


“You are the most likely person to miss typos in your own work.”

Not only are you most familiar with the meaning in your work, but your brain processes words as images. What does this have to do with editing and proofreading?

Meanings: Your brain will skip over typos because it knows the meaning you are conveying. So, it fills in the blanks and skims over slight misspellings, i.e., ‘teh’ vs ‘the’.

Visuals: Your brain also becomes familiar with the image it is seeing. If you change the colour, font or size of your text, you’ll be able to pick up more typos because the brain is working to familiarise itself with the image again.

Do you use spell check? Yes?….
That’s great, but it isn’t a hole in one. Unfortunately, it can still miss punctuation, grammatical errors and correct spelling. Furthermore, it cannot read the text as a person would.

“Excellent results every time”

I aim to complete editing and proofreading efficiently and under-budget without compromising on quality.

My business is centred around repeat customers so, it is my priority to deliver excellent results every time. Have a look at some of my testimonials.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have by sending me a message.