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Get a Ghostwriter for Help Writing Your First Book

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Get a Ghostwriter for Help Writing Your First Book

Happy Parchment Day! (24th June)

Novel Writing Help for Beautifully Written Books

Do you have an incredible life to celebrate and turn into a book? What about a new idea to help the masses? Sometimes we need a little novel writing help for beautifully written books. Get a ghostwriter for help writing your first book (or 5th book).

Writing is a lot like creating art. The image is clear in our minds we but can’t quite get it right on the canvas. I have this problem with painting…

As a ghostwriter, I work behind the scenes to turn your garden of thoughts, ideas, recordings and notes into a spring carnival.

Need Help Writing Your First Book?

Get a ghostwriter who works with you as ‘your partner in crime writing’.

From the States to the UK, across Europe, down here to Australia and our neighbours across the ditch (NZ). No matter where you are, I can be your ghostwriter.

The Ghostwriting Process Online

  1. Share your notes, drafts or recordings online with me.
  2. I’ll get to work and send you drafts to review and give feedback on.
  3. We can chat via email or messaging software throughout the project. We can even have a video meeting!

Time zones, borders and oceans are not going to stop you and I from getting your writing project off the ground.

If, by chance you are located in Toowoomba (or nearby), I’ll gladly meet up with you to discuss your project.

Author (and Ghost Writer) Credits

Some authors will cite the ghostwriter who helped them out. For example, Sir Richard Branson notes the help of Edward Whitley in his best selling book, ‘Losing my Virginity’.

Others appreciate the help but given the ideas etc. are their own, they choose not to credit the ghostwriter. Both are absolutely fine.

The Ethics of Ghost Writing

Some people ‘um’ and ‘ah’ about the ethics of ghostwriting. For example, some say it is unethical because the writing wasn’t ‘really’ done by the ‘author’. That is understandable. As a ghostwriter myself, I am more than happy to help create something worth reading – whether I am credited or not. At the end of the day, the source of the idea of the book comes from the credited author.

Thanks to ghostwriters, people who aren’t skilled in the art of writing can still share their ideas, thoughts and stories in print. Imagine if you had dyslexia but had some fantastic ideas to share! A ghostwriter could turn verbal recordings or conversations into a book, ebook, or article) ready to publish.


Happiness Self-Help Book

I spotted a call for help writing a happiness self-help ebook online. The project sounded interesting. I am a BIG fan of self-help (self-improvement) books, so, I put my proposal in for review. There were hundreds of proposals, but…you guessed it, I got the gig!

The Details

The American man was a highly successful businessman based in Silicon Valley. He was short on time, so he wasn’t able to sit down and flesh out his ideas. However, he was able to make recordings on his way to and from meetings and his commute to work. He had some incredible ideas and just needed me to transcribe the audio and then turn the content into something worth reading. He wanted me to find research that backed up his ideas to make sure the ebook was credible.

I transcribed hours of audio into basic notes. Then, I went through the content and combined sections that ‘fit’ together. From there, I fleshed out the material to fill in any gaps and included case studies and recent research findings.

A ‘Happy’ Result

What we ended up with was an incredibly helpful and informative ebook on the keys to happiness. We delved into marketing strategies that play on our emotions (promise to make us happy). Conversations he had had with some of the most successful US businessmen and even, the local waiter were included. Everything supported the theme of happiness. Where it comes from, why so many of us are unhappy and what we can do to bring joy back.

As a ghostwriter, that is all I can tell you about this project as I was not cited in the publication.

Respect for your ideas and my role in bringing them to print are of utmost importance. One thing I always say to my clients is, “if you make the best-sellers list, will you shout me a coffee?” 😀

I need a coffee so, let’s get you on that best-sellers list quick!

Learn more about ghostwriting services. Send me your ideas, and I will whip up a quote to give you an idea of what to expect to pay (super affordable). Have you received a quote from another ghostwriter? (I bet I can beat it).

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All my clients pay a little less because I get to do what I love for my job. So long as I have enough money for treats for my parrots (and my bills), I am happy.

P.S. What are you reading to honour ‘parchment’ day on the 24th June?

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